Equinix’s investments support the digital transformation of the Polish economy. We made sure the entire tech industry heard about it!

Equinix’s investments support the digital transformation of the Polish economy.. We made sure the entire tech industry heard about it!

Digital transformation is a must and the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated this process. That’s why Equinix has met the needs of Polish entrepreneurs by investing in the development of data center infrastructure in Poland. We reached for modern tools and tailor-made solutions to ensure that the entire digital industry learned about the company’s latest investment.

b2b Equinix 2020

the challenge

Precise targeting in response to customer needs

Our task was to reach the target group of entrepreneurs, managers and IT decision makers, and strengthen the image of Equinix as a leader in digital infrastructure. To achieve this, we presented our client’s latest investment in Warsaw as a direct response to the needs of Polish companies. We motivated this with the results of the latest Global Interconnection Index (GXI) vol.4 report, which indicates how the COVID-19 pandemic has been accelerating digital transformation.

what we did

Communication from A to Z

We carried out an integrated campaign that included social media communication, collaboration with key business and IT media, and led generation activities. This way, the news about the client’s latest investment reached a wide target group and strengthened Equinix’s position in the Polish market.

Creative solutions: business over coffee

We also organized an online press breakfast combined with… cup-tasting workshops – because everybody knows that the best way to talk about business development is over coffee. How did we do it despite the difficulties of the pandemic? It couldn’t have been simpler: we invited a recognized barista to cooperate with us, and we sent journalists a set of coffees, cup-tasting accessories and breakfast (each according to their culinary preferences)… Sounds complicated? No problem – for us it’s a piece of cake!

we made sure that the entire digital industry learned about Equinix’s latest investment

the result

Equinix leading the way in digital transformation

Thanks to engaging text content (e.g. articles and interviews), audio (the “Puls Biznesu” podcast), video (an animation presenting the key features of the latest investment, as well as short expert films) and a webinar prepared in cooperation with ComputerWorld, we managed to reach the target group, strengthen the position of Equinix as an expert in digital transformation and convince the audience that the client’s solutions would directly contribute to the development of their business.

300 k

content recipients in IT and business media (print, Internet, podcast)


publications in key media (business and IT)


valuable leads – webinar registrations