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we develop strategies and creative concepts, and implement public relations, public affairs, digital&mkt, social selling, performance, content and influencer marketing campaigns. We look at business holistically, we work with data, turn on creativity and deliver results. We understand customer needs, goals, challenges and people. You can feel safe working with us. Together with monday digital we belong to the monday group.

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We turn brand potential and capabilities into results


we trigger emotions that
connect the customer with the brand

We don’t think in terms of channels and activities. We start by understanding the target audience, their generation, cultural code and values.

We look for insights, follow trends and create ideas that are close to the consumer. We think like a consumer. We are authentic. We select activities and platforms in a way that allows us to be with the customer at every stage of the customer journey.

We activate emotions, we surprise, we engage. We invite audiences into the brand world and create a community around shared ideas.




Welcome to the #consumer world


we help you reach your business partners more effectively

In business, time and results matter. That’s why we focus on reaching business decision makers efficiently and accurately. We know how to talk specifically, yet creatively about our clients’ solutions.

Thoughtful communication will help you stand out from your competition. Regardless of whether we are talking about industrial automation, cyber security, business software or fleet management, we always do it with passion.

If you’re wondering how to reach potential customers with your B2B services and products more effectively, get in touch with us – we are sure we can help you!


We can tell an interesting story about any business!


we reach out to the customer at every stage of the customer journey

Technological gadgets meet many everyday needs – and many consumers just don’t know it yet.

We focus on demonstrating the added value of technological solutions in an accessible way, at each stage of the consumer journey. We inspire, explain and convince in such a way that the purchase is the crowning achievement of an independent decision made by a satisfied customer.

At every stage of our activities, we strive to support our client’s sales – we never forget that.

At every stage of our activities, we strive to support our client’s sales – we never forget that.

corporate & public affairs

Precise, truthful, accessible

We look at a company’s communications through the eyes of its employees, partners and end users of the products and services.

We remember that there is always a human being at the end of every message. And, people pay attention to content that is simple, truthful and inspiring. That’s the kind of insight we’re looking for. This is also the way we create our concepts.

We help our clients better understand the social, political and legal environment in which they operate. We support them in their dialog with public administration. We strengthen the relationships they build with key stakeholders. We want their voice to be heard.

understanding, transparency, trust – the spiritus movens of every cooperation

brand & culture

Brands in culture, culture in brands

The worlds of business and art can intersect in a beautiful way. They can be close to each other, while maintaining their protective shields. Such marriages benefit both parties. That’s why we are happy to involve creators in our clients’ activities. Our clients, on the other hand, are encouraged to translate their brand identity into unique aesthetics through words and images. These colliding worlds have never failed.

Because good business is an art!

gaming & esport

unleashing the full potential
of gaming and esports

Video games are an integral part of pop culture – they have found their place in living rooms and successfully compete over our free time with other forms of entertainment.

In our activities, we strongly focus on reaching the mainstream audience with our gaming or esports products. We are able to prepare communication that will interest a wide range of users, in a non-obvious way.

We also never forget about hardcore gamers and fans, for whom we are a reliable partner that understands their passion and needs.

Video games are an integral part of pop culture – they have found their place in living rooms and successfully compete over our free time with other forms of entertainment.

we execute campaigns for
top b2b and b2c brands

Merlini’s Concept. Koło’s contest for the design of the Royal Baths Park

Merlini’s Concept

Scalability in B2B communications – how we support Dell Technologies

Digital transformation with Dell Technologies

Looking for the “cool nerd” – Electronic Arts’ Star Wars: Squadrons game launch

Star Wars: Squadrons game launch

Rap against the pandemic – the biggest charity event in Polish hip-hop


Top gaming league – in co-op with Blizzard

Top gaming league

Equinix’s investments support the digital transformation of the Polish economy. We made sure the entire tech industry heard about it!

Equinix’s investments support the digital transformation of the Polish economy.

our campaigns in industry competitions

Złoty Spinacz

Merlini’s Concept – Past for the Future for Koło Grupa Geberit (2021)

Srebrny Spinacz

Merlini’s Concept – Past for the Future for Koło Grupa Geberit (2021)

Srebrny Spinacz

Codename S.E.S.S.I.O.N. (The Sims 4) for EA (2021)

Diament Forbesa

for monday because we are a diamond 😉

Brązowy Miecz KTR

Discover with Aliexpress (2020)

Złoty Spinacz

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for CD Projekt RED (2016)


Złoty Spinacz

Intel Extreme Masters for Intel (2013)

Złoty Spinacz

Hope for Euro – the World Cup of Children from Care Homes (2012)

Grand Video Awards 2016

“The Art of Storytelling powered by Intel” campaign (2016)

Magellan Award

Hope for Euro – the World Cup of Children from Care Homes (2012)

Creator Video Awards

“The Art of Storytelling powered by Intel” campaign (2016)

VMware Best Impact

best PR agency in the global ranking of VMware (2014, 2016)

Srebrny Spinacz

“The Art of Storytelling powered by Intel” campaign (2016)

Best Agencies of Schneider Electric

3rd place (2013) & Special Award (2011) in the global ranking

Digital Excellence Awards

Relese the Santa with ASUS Polska (2011)

we strategically combine public
relations with digital marketing and social media

strategic consulting

We create communication strategies that support our clients’ business goals. We market companies and brands, and develop creative concepts…

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public relations

We build company and brand images. We prepare effective product and corporate PR campaigns, and carry out public affairs and employer branding activities. We design and implement CSR strategies, helping our clients build a responsible business. In a world of fake news, fomo and the overproduction of content, PR has taken on new meaning.

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We amaze, build reach, engage the community and measure results. We start with analytics, look for insights, fit in with trends and achieve goals.

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digital selling

We support sales by building bridges between mkt and sales. We prepare digital selling strategies – define customer profiles and personalities, create lead definitions that are accepted by both marketing and sales, and develop processes that link marketing campaigns to the actions of sales representatives. ​

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customer? no, a partner. Together with them
we turn opportunities into results

our customers about working with us

Justyna Zborowska
Justyna Zborowska
PR & Advertising Manager Sales & Marketing, Koło Grupa Geberit

“In communication, it is important that both parties – the agency and the client – support and inspire each other, educate each other and look for potential where others do not see it. That is how we work with Monday.”

Ewa Jarzemska
Ewa Jarzemska
Head of CEE Communications & PR, Dell Technologies

“Monday is a true Partner in business. The team is proactive, timely and has great ideas. We carry out projects in a wide spectrum of mutual communication together and always find a person at Monday that has the right qualifications and sense for the topic. Plus, it’s hard not to like them, and that makes our day-to-day work even more enjoyable.”

Piotr Kaniowski
Piotr Kaniowski
Director of Public Relations & Internal Communication, Canal+

“If you are looking for an agency that will comprehensively deal with the promotion of your product, will not be afraid of challenges and will be a real support for you at every stage, then we strongly recommend cooperation with Monday communications agency.”

Marek Pavlica
Marek Pavlica
Regional Communications Specialist Russia, CIS & Eastern Europe, Axis Communications

“From the very beginning, I have felt the proactive approach of this agency. They have proposed many activities and scrupulously implemented them. From media relations to event support, including virtual events, to SM channel management and much more – Monday is responsible for it all. It is a client-focused agency with a team of qualified professionals, thanks to whom Axis Communications’ brand awareness in the market has been constantly growing.”

Joanna Turczyk
Joanna Turczyk
Field Marketing Senior Specialist Poland & Bulgaria, Equinix

“Thanks to a partnership approach, knowledge of the industry and the commitment of the agency’s team, it is possible not only to effectively build the company’s visibility in the media, but also to engage the audience in the content through the appropriate selection and use of various communication channels. What’s particularly important to me is that the agency understands the needs of the brand and smoothly balances global positioning with local company goals.”

Anna Szarska
Anna Szarska
Regional Brand Marketing Manager, Electronic Arts

“A real passion for gaming runs through the veins of this unique team. When combined with commitment and complete professionalism, this has allowed us to successfully work on the promotion of the biggest titles released by EA.
Together, we have successfully implemented numerous campaigns based on, among others, influencer and content marketing, event management and media relations. I know that I can always count on the full support and advice of the team that is looking after EA and the partnership approach to working with clients makes the projects we work on simply exciting for everyone.”

Marcus Sorour
Marcus Sorour
Director of EMEA Corporate Communications, F5

“Monday is an excellent public relations and communications partner for F5, in Poland. With its consultative approach and deep understanding of the local media market, Monday PR has been able to significantly strengthen our credibility and market position, consistently reaching key audiences in IT, business and the national media.”

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