Rap against the pandemic – the biggest charity event in Polish hip-hop

Rap against the pandemic – the biggest charity event in Polish hip-hop

#Hot16Challenge2 was the biggest charity event in the history of Polish hip-hop. Our role was to make sure that the whole country knew about it.

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the challenge

disenchant hip-hop

Over 1,400 rap verses, commitment from musicians, actors, politicians and journalists. Probably, everyone in Poland (and not only here) heard about the #Hot16Challenge2 campaign – regardless of their age or interests. Few people, however, realized the extent of the real help that the initiative, launched by Karol “Solar” Poziemski, would bring. How big was it? The numbers speak for themselves: PLN 3.5 million were collected to buy thousands of gloves, masks, visors and protective suits for doctors, as well as seven disinfection devices and seven ambulances. We had to make the whole country hear about it.


And, since the Polish hip-hop community was behind the whole event, it was also worth disenchanting its long outdated image, which was still present in a part of society. After all, as Białas sang in the final track of the whole event, “Rap is not with gangsters anymore, but with people who will always help”.

what we did

The campaign wrapped up on September 29th, exactly five months after the publication of Solar’s “sixteen” – the first verse of the second edition of the #Hot16Challenge. On this occasion, the initiator of the project, together with Białas, his partner and long-time friend, prepared a special video in which all SBM Label artists performed and ambulances bought with the funds raised in the campaign were presented.

What was our role? We developed the concept of media communication for the project and showed the true face of Polish hip-hop. Hip-hop that connects and has great power to help.

#Hot16Challenge2 was the biggest charity event in the history of Polish hip-hop.

Solar was a guest of the “Onet Rano” broadcast

Who could talk about #Hot16Challenge2 better than the initiator of the whole event, Karol “Solar” Poziemski? And, where better to tell the story than on one of the most-watched morning news programs in the country?

We made it possible for Solar to accompany Odeta Moro on her way to Onet’s editorial office on a warm, autumn morning of September 30th. However, they were not alone – they were accompanied by tens of thousands of viewers.

wrap-up video

The end of the campaign that brought together the entire hip-hop community, started by the co-founder of the SBM Label, one of the largest music labels in the country, could not have been communicated better than… with a rap video.  Solar and Białas prepared a special song for the finale, and Mata, Bedoes and White 2115 appeared on set. But, the biggest stars of the music video were the ambulances. To be specific, seven fully-equipped ambulances purchased with money raised through the campaign, which were donated to the Polish ambulance service.

And what about us ? Our job was to make sure Poland knew about it. At the exact moment the video was published on YouTube, the information reached the most important media in the country.

the result

Information about the event in the mainstream

The campaign was mentioned by the most important TV news stations (TVN24), radio stations (RMF, Radio Zet, Eska) and news portals (Onet, NaTemat, Gazeta.pl). There were also awards that the second edition of the #Hot16Challenge campaign received. The jury of the “Telekamery 2020” competition recognized it as “Production of the Year”, and the “Bestsellery Empiku 2020” poll awarded it in the “Event of the Year” category.