Looking for the “cool nerd” – Electronic Arts’ Star Wars: Squadrons game launch

Looking for the “cool nerd” – Electronic Arts’ Star Wars: Squadrons game launch

Two cool pilots, Dawid Podsiadło and Blowek, and one fighter – Star Wars. Combining three worlds into one universe. And, all of that at the controls of an X-wing.

gaming & esport Electronic Arts 2020

the challenge

prepare the game launch to match the brand legend.

There are titles that, although they are set in a well-known and loved universe and will be well-received by hardcore fans, have mechanics that are too difficult and niche enough to break through to more casual gamers.

what we did

find the “cool nerd”

We found two VERY well-known people, who can be described as “cool nerds”. Their job was to ensure our reach and allow us to present the game to a wide group of casual gamers. Then, we made their Star Wars-related nerdy dreams come true. Let’s be honest: which of us has never dreamed of sitting at the controls of a real X-wing at least once.

become an X-wing pilot

We brought a part of the Star Wars universe to Warsaw: we prepared a real hangar with a 1:1 scale replica of an X-wing fighter and allowed people to get behind the controls to test Star Wars: Squadrons live. The replica is one of only two unique pieces available in Europe. During the two-day event, we invited journalists from the most important gaming media to our zone. During the pre-premiere show, they had the chance to see for themselves what it’s like to become an X-wing pilot.

we made celebrities’ nerdy dreams come true

we make cool nerds’ dreams come true

We also invited two special guests – true Star Wars fans: one of the most popular influencers and one of the most sought-after celebrities: Blowek and Dawid Podsiadło. At a dedicated show, they proved that they were no strangers to space battles. They also proved that the term “cool nerd” fits them perfectly and encouraged hundreds of thousands of their fans to reach for the game.

the result

within a month of the game’s release:

The campaign was very positively received both by Blowek and David Podsiadło’s fans and by a wide group of fans of the Star Wars universe. We also achieved our business goal – sales of the game in Poland during the premiere period were higher than expected.

2.3 mln

total reach of publications


publications, including 25 positive reviews

2.1 mln

content material views

in a galaxy far, far away, there are rumors that Dawid Podsiadło is still pressing triangles and squares on his pad.