Merlini’s Concept. Koło’s contest for the design of the Royal Baths Park

Merlini’s Concept. Koło’s contest for the design of the Royal Baths Park

A campaign for architects that we played like royals.

brand&culture KOŁO Grupa Geberit 2020

the challenge

surprise. Interest. Again, anew and... masterfully.

Who? Architects. With what? With KOŁO’s competition, which has been running continuously for 22 years. A competition which, despite its exceptional prestige and long tradition, had fewer and fewer entries, and each year the number of submissions fell by about 10%.

what we did

we created a concept tailored to a champion! Master Merlini.

Can you imagine a more royal location than the summer residence of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski? In the 22nd edition of KOŁO’s competition for architects, we established cooperation with the Royal Baths Park and participants prepared projects for the most beautiful park complex in Warsaw! We spread word of KOŁO’s competition using a multi-dimensional campaign with the following slogans: Merlini’s Concept. The Past for the Future” and “We Don’t Ignore the City. Urban Culture Circle.” The entire communication of the project – media relations and an extensive social media campaign – was in our hands.

The royal insignia

The visual identity of the competition was created by Andrzej Pągowski.  We trusted the great creator, who proposed that the royal CROWN become the logo of the 22nd edition of KOŁO’s competition… And then, we were brought down-to-earth by the pandemic. The Internet was in uproar, and we made a decision: despite the pandemic mood, we would not let ourselves go crazy. Since then, we’ve been using our logo everywhere we could: in social media, animations, diplomas and all kinds of graphic materials. Forced to organize all of the activities online, we managed to stand out from other content providers.


An online final gala is quite a logistical challenge. For the first time ever, we connected with contestants remotely!

The studio

In order to give the project a broader social dimension, we prepared a studio with the fundamental idea, “We Don’t Ignore the City”. This included a series of conversations about design, language and nature with inspiring people connected to social culture. All video talks within the studio were hosted by Bogna Świątkowska – the godmother of Polish hip-hop, journalist, initiator and president of the “Bęc Zmiana” Foundation.

the result

we broke records and exceeded all KPIs!

In addition, we won two awards in the “Złote Spinacze” competition: gold in the “Product PR” category and silver in the “Real Estate, Construction, Home and Interior Design” category. 


submitted projects (vs KPI 230) 

25 k

votes in the online voting for the best project (vs. KPI 20k)

2.5 k

media publications (vs. KPI 1k publications)

2.5 mln

UU (vs. running up in 2019 = 270k UU)

And most importantly, the winning project will be built in the Royal Baths Park!