Scalability in B2B communications – how we support Dell Technologies

Scalability in B2B communications – how we support Dell Technologies

Digital transformation. Made real every day. Comprehensive support of IT industry leader Dell Technologies in marketing and communications activities. An agile approach, building an expert image and working directly with sales departments is a proven recipe for modern and effective marketing.

digital marketing Dell Technologies 2020

the challenges

First of all, agile – the very rapid pace of changes in the IT industry results in challenges for Dell Technologies to adapt its communications and marketing to current market conditions. What’s more, the company serves 98% of Fortune 500 customers, so it must tailor its message to different target groups.

Secondly, social selling – with the growing importance of technology and social networking, it is becoming important to build a sales person’s image as an expert through their online activities and presence.

the challenges

Third, thought leadership – Dell Technologies’ experts need support and an appropriate communications plan on a daily basis, consistent with the company’s global communications and tailored to the challenges of local markets.

Fourth, digital – the new normal means that most of the activities have moved to digital, which is where new sales leads are acquired and “warmed up”.

what we did

Transformation Experts Portal and Academy of Education Webinars

We have implemented a content hub – the portal, which provided customers with access to high quality materials, such as expert articles, case studies, solution descriptions, product infographics and videos.

We coordinated a series of webinars, creating the Transformation Experts Academy, through which Dell Technologies experts build their image by spreading expert content and which regularly generates and warms up leads.

Social Selling program and the Ambassadors program.

Together with the client, we developed the Social Selling Experts program, through which we educate and support Dell partners and distributors in creating and distributing expert content related to Dell Technologies’ solutions.

We launched the Dell Ambassadors program, in which we support Dell’s experts with content creation and expert branding through their LinkedIn profiles, as well as assisting them in planning speeches at industry events.

Modern and comprehensive marketing and communication activities.

the result

Our marketing efforts are measurable and bring quantifiable results. The numbers speak for themselves. Dozens of Dell Technologies channel partners in the Social Selling Experts program, thousands of portal visitors, registered users and participants in the Experts Academy – these are the results of our trust-based cooperation. In 2020, we completed nearly 200 different projects for Dell Technologies.


users registered with in 2020


TX Academy webinar participants in 2020

4.5 mln

B2B campaign views on social media in 2020

In the digital age, the possibilities for B2B communication are endless. The most important thing is to find methods that produce tangible business benefits.