LG #shareyourclothes – a project that brings real help

LG #shareyourclothes – a project that brings real help

The autumn and winter period does not usually put us in a positive mood. However, for those in crisis because of homelessness, this is an especially difficult time. The launch of the new LG Vivace washing machines and dryers became an opportunity to initiate LG’s social campaign #shareyourclothes, which perfectly fitted the brand philosophy “Life’s Good when You share”.

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the challenge

A good partner is priceless

The first challenge we faced was finding the right partner to work with. On the one hand, we were looking for someone who knew the real issues and needs of people in crisis because of homelessness, to confront them with our vision and on the other hand, someone who would trust the brand and get involved in an unknown project.

stage 1

Collecting clothes for those in need

For three months, in cooperation with the “Daj Herbatę” Foundation and the “Klubokawiarnia Życie jest Fajne” coffee bar club in Warsaw, we collected clothes for people in crisis because of homelessness. Clothes could be left at a special LG zone at the club, where it was washed, disinfected, dried in LG machines and then distributed to those in need.

stage 2

let’s make some noise

In order to maximize the reach of the campaign, we announced its launch during a press conference for the new line of LG Vivace washers and dryers. We communicated about the collection in press materials and through influencers engaged by the agency, cooperating with LG’s, Get Hero.

a ton of clothes will help over 500 people in need

the result

Life’s Good when You share

During this time, we collected almost a ton of clothes, which were distributed to 500 people in need. The campaign itself was very warmly received. However, this was not the only positive outcome of the project. The people employed at the “Klubokawiarnia Życie jest Fajne” coffee bar club are autistic adults who – particularly those with a more developed autistic condition – are unable to use appliances, such as washing machines or clothes dryers. Operating LG devices was therefore a hands-on learning experience for them and a step towards greater independence.

1 tona

a ton – weight of all clothes


people in need that received clothes