Top gaming league – in co-op with Blizzard

Top gaming league – in co-op with Blizzard

We stood face-to-face with Tytan – a company that comes to mind as one of the first when we think about gaming. Our task was to lead them across Poland so that everyone could hear about them. Our weapon was communication and our mission was to educate people about the fact that gaming and esports is definitely no longer a niche, but an entertainment mainstream.

gaming & esport Blizzard 2019

the challenge

everyone wants to break the vicious circle of fans and reach a new audience. But how to do this?

How do you communicate with enthusiasts who have spent a lifetime with your client’s games and, at the same time, reach the mainstream and attract a wider audience? The real challenge for the agency was to conduct PR activities in a way that would present games as mature entertainment and show the media the real world of gamers – to inspire them to take up cross-cutting topics, showing gaming and esports as a phenomenon of pop culture.

what we did

show what players are passionate about

We established Blizzard’s presence in the domestic market and structured global brand communications for 6 esports franchises and leagues. We established close relationships with media and influencers, and showed the general media what the gaming world is all about. We took a step into Blizzard’s community. Their worlds have been developed for decades, making them a fully-fledged element of pop culture. In order to talk about them, we got to know them from the inside, we understood them and became part of them.

creative and authentic

Over nearly four years of cooperation, we have conducted activities on many fronts. We’ve invited journalists to attend events like Blizzcon and Gamescom, and we’ve been present at some of the biggest industry events in the country. We worked with some of the biggest creators in Poland to execute creative campaigns that promoted Blizzard games’ content in an authentic way.

content that is credible for gamers and understandable for the mainstream

the result

Monday was the first agency that provided full-scale services to Blizzard Entertainment in Poland.

Blizzard has always had a presence in gaming media – now they’ve made a permanent presence in mainstream titles, as well. The total number of publications increased by 300% – from about 2,000 in 2016 to about 6,000 in 2019.

200 %

publication growth 2016 vs 2019


publications at the end of 2019

Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft – these are iconic brands. We are proud that not only the most dedicated players had the chance to learn more about them.